Technical Capabilities

Delivering our craftsmanship and experience to front-line construction sites, Takejin appeals in the field through the fusion of software and hardware.

We at Takejin Glass Co., Ltd. have safely installed the large glass panes on the striking glass facades at Centrair (Chubu International Airport), JR Central Towers, Midland Square and the Nagoya Lucent Tower which are landmarks of the Nagoya station, to name a few.

As glass panes become heavier and larger, the technologies for construction sites are getting more and more sophisticated. Our job is to respond to needs of our customers with the state-of-the-art design drawings, our craftsmanship, experience, and unique ideas. We are specialists of glass installation to bridge between construction providers and craftsmen.
We choose the best suited type of glasses, the best installation method and ensure the best possible safety in construction for every request. From the moment we conclude a contract with a customer, we strive to meet our standard of QCDS (quality, cost, delivery and safety) in all stages of installation, inspection, and delivery of the services. We believe that it builds trust with our customers and our technological strength.

Trust cycle

Customer needs Information analysis(Sales Department) Cost proposal(Procurement Department) Installation management(Construction Department) Customer satisfaction

Secured quality

Takejin's proposal capabilities
Takejin is an independent specialist of glass construction that does not belong to any specific manufacturer. We accordingly are able to procure the best materials from overseas as well as from three domestic manufacturers, which will greatly help you lower the cost and expenses.
Takejin's practical capabilities
Combining detailed process plans derived from a design drawing of a building and strong teamwork, each project member of Takejin understands the entire picture, applies the technologies, and promptly responds to any situation. This is the know-how that only Takejin can offer as an experienced glass provider.
Takejin's rich experience
What types of machinery are suitable in what situations to conduct safe construction? That is a point that only experienced construction managers can figure out. As an experienced glazier with excellent creativity, Takejin can develop and improve new construction machines depending on the situation.

Proposal Practical Experience

PROJECT RESULT PICKUP Taking up challenges in creating unprecedented and innovative construction methods Midland Square

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