Company Overview

Takejin is an expert provider of glass installation services with the best track record in the Tokai region.

Company name
Takejin Glass Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment
January 7, 1967
Tomohiro Kusaka
Head Office
6-27 Tsukasacho, Kariya-shi, Aichi, 448-0834, Japan
Phone +81-566-21-2867 (Main) / FAX +81-566-24-2308
Sales Offices
Nagoya Office
1-18-15 Heiwa, Nakaku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 460-0021, Japan
Phone +81-52-331-1736 (Main) / FAX +81-52-331-4540
Shizuoka Sales Office
2-18-19 Yagusu, Yaizu-shi, Shizuoka, 425-0091, Japan
Phone +81-54-620-4321 / FAX +81-54-620-4320
Toyohashi Branch
154 Komatsu, Hanadacho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi, 441-8019, Japan
Phone +81-532-31-3820 (Main) / FAX +81-532-31-3840
Number of employees
70 full-time employees and 130 glaziers under exclusive contract
(Including 1 first-class registered architect, 27 first-class technicians, 13 second-class technicians, and 4 second-class execution management engineers)
* As of July 2013
60 million yen
Business domain
Wholesale and various construction services for sheet glass, residential aluminum sashes, partitions, mirrors, smoke-proof hanging wall, MPG and other special glass construction, handrail and other metal construction, flooring
Owned machinery
5 glazing machines, 10 heavy duty suction machines, 1 glass processing machine, 1 glass cutting machine
Aichi prefecture governor registration (General-26) No. 69085
Main banks
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Kariya Branch
Juroku Bank Kariya Branch
Aichi Bank Kariya Branch
Main suppliers
Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
Central Glass Co., Ltd.
Main customers
(Listed in no particular order)
  • Shimizu Corporation
  • Takenaka Corporation
  • Kajima Corporation
  • Taisei Corporation
  • Obayashi Corporation
  • Obayashi Road Corporation
  • Toda Corporation
  • Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
  • The Zenitaka Corporation
  • Asanuma Corporation
  • Maeda Corporation
  • Fujita Corporation
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd.
  • Nihon Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota T&S Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Dai Nippon Construction
  • Obara Construction
  • Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Tsuchiya Corporation
  • Giken
  • Fukuda Corporation
  • Mugishima General Constructor
  • Nakano Corporation
  • Tokura Corporation
  • Aishin Development Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Doken Co., Ltd.
  • P.S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Steel & Sumikin Texeng Co., Ltd.
  • Matsumura-Gumi Corporation
  • Sakabe Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Taikei Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Ooi Construction
  • NIPPO Corporation
  • Ito Komuten
  • Matsui Kensetsu K.K.
  • Daiho Corporation
  • Iwabe Corporation
  • Sanyo Construction Co., Ltd.
  • KUSAKA Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshikawa Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Narukawa Kensetsu
  • Shintoh Kensetsu
  • SEIKYO Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
  • Ohkawara Co., Ltd.
  • Kawamura SS
  • Ishiyoshi Corporation
  • Jinno Construction Co., Ltd.
  • SKM
  • Ishii Corporation
  • Ishikawa Corporation
  • Kiuchi Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Other Toyota group companies and
    government agencies

Contact Us

Takejin Glass Co., Ltd.
[Head Office] 6-27 Tsukasacho, Kariya-shi, Aichi, Japan
Phone: +81-566-21-2867 (Mon to Sat 8:30 am - 5:30 pm)

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